Credit Union Profile

On January 26, 1954 we received our charter as North Montana Texaco Employees Federal Credit Union. In 1958 our name was changed to Puget Sound Texaco Federal Credit Union. In June of 1988, Seattle Texaco Credit Union merged with our credit union. When Texaco merged with Equilon, the new credit union name became E. E. Federal Credit Union. Then in 2002, the refinery changed to Shell and the credit union name had to change again. Puget Sound Refinery Federal Credit Union was chosen with hope that it wouldn’t have to be changed again.

For all the changes in the history of our credit union, not a lot has changed. We are still “people helping people”. Our Goal is to make sound loans to our membership while paying a reasonable dividend rate on their shares.

Not for Profit, Not for Charity, But for Service.