Current Rates

Savings Rates

Account Type Rate
Share Accounts 0.50%
Sub Shares 0.50%
Youth Share 0.50%
Youth Super Saver 4.00% *
6 month CD ($25,000 minimum) 1.50%
1 year CD ($25,000 minimum) 2.00%
1 year CD ($50,000 minimum) 2.50%
Christmas Club Account 1.00%

* Youth Super Saver accounts are limited to a $500 min/max balance and earn 4% on $500. If the account were to drop below $500, it would revert to the Youth Share account and rate.

Our Rating

Rating Credit Score
A++ 750+
A+ 720 – 749
A 700 – 719
B 699 – 640
C 639 – 600
D 599 and lower

Loan Rates

Rates shown are floor rates with auto-pay requirement. Starting at a 60 month term that increases 0.50% for each year added with the exception of the A++ tier.

Credit Rating NEW USED Signature
A+ 3.75% 4.75% 11.50% up to $10,000.00
A 4.00% 5.00% 12.00% up to $7,000.00
B 5.00% 6.00% 13.00% up to $4,000.00
C 6.50% 7.50% 14.00% up to $3,000.00
D 8.00% 9.00% Not available
Share Secured loan rate is 3.50% with automatic payment.

Loan Terms


Members receive 0.50% off rates when paying by ACH or payroll deduction.

Down Payment Requirements
The maximum amount financed will be 95% of the purchase price, not to exceed 95% of the NADA High Book Value. A tiered credit can finance 100% of the purchase of a vehicle. A+ tiered credit can finance 100%+++ (tax, licensing, fees up to 120% of NADA). Add 0.50% for each year over 60 months. Add 0.50% if over 100,000 miles or aged over 10 years. A++ tier begins increase at 84 months. Motorcycles, recreational vehicles and equipment are 1% higher than listed rates, and motorhomes/travel trailers are 12% more.
Persons with a “D” credit rating may either be required to pay a $500 Member Assist Auto Program (MAP) fee, or be required to have a co-signer, or be required to do both.

Loan Amount Term - up to
Under $10,000 48 months
Over $10,000 60 – 83 months
Over $25,000 84 – 96 months
Over $50,000 up to 144 months

Proof of full coverage insurance is required on all collateral loans (comprehensive and collision).

Late Fee
A late fee of $25.00 will be assessed if your payment is received more than 15 days past the due date.

We offer: GAP Insurance, Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Current Fees

PSRFCU 2019 Fee Schedule

_ _
Fee Description
$2.50 Over 6 Reg D Transactions per month
$3.00 Per month/quarter paper statement fee for new members requesting after May 1, 2018
$5.00 Dormant fee/month after 18 months of non-use
$10.00 Returned item charge back fee
$10.00 Early withdrawal from Christmas Club Account
$10.00 Return ACH fee _added on to loan due to returned loan payment
$25.00 Late fee on loans paid more than 15 days past the due date of the last day of the month
$25.00 Skip a Pay fee - $10 to fund scholarship program $15 income to the CU
$25.00 Extension fee - Allowed 2xs during life of loan and 1x per year with qualified hardship
$32.00 Collateralized loan fee
$37.00 Stop Payment fee on lost checks
$20.00 Incoming Domestic Wire fee
$35.00 Outgoing Domestic Wire fee
$400.00 Minimum fee charged for repossession
$250.00 Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) loan fee
$500.00 Member Fresh Start Loan Program - Fee charged for members with credit below 600
_ There is a 180 day interest earned early withdrawal penalty to close a CD prior to maturity